Managed Services

I.T. ISIN Solutions provides Managed IT Services that can help you stay competitive without the expense of in-house IT personnel. Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from the increased protection of solutions developed for larger enterprises by choosing our Managed Services.


We look after all of your hardware and software needs, taking over the existing infrastructure for you and making sure your system is working as efficiently as possible. We also make upgrades as required to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.


We understand the unique needs of law firms and develop & maintain effective solutions to meet your legal and ethical requirements, such as:

  • Time docketing software

  • Business Law and Intellectual Property Software

  • Remote connections

  • Client confidentiality

  • Information Security

Apps: Esilaw, PCLaw, Alf, Print Audit, Worldox.


Medical professionals always face specific challenges when it comes to IT services. The I.T. ISIN Solutions team develops an innovative approach to address common difficulties and challenges, including:

  • Maintaining medical history and patient data

  • Client confidentiality

  • Information Security

Apps: EMR, CaDi.


Realtors work in a fast-paced environment where business isn’t always conducted in an office. Secure, reliable solutions are needed to keep clients at the top of their game. We can help with solutions, such as: 

  • Remote connections

  • Information Security

  • Client confidentiality

  • Time-sensitive materials

Apps: Interface Express, Realter Link, DocuSign.


Without access to cloud based services, pharmacies deal with a greater challenge in finding IT resources that are affordable and reliable. Our IT solutions for pharmacies can include services, such as:

  • Information security

  • Client confidentiality

  • Pharmaceutical software

Apps: Kroll, Pharmacists.


For Your Business

We work with our clients to provide simplified solutions that meet their needs and improve business productivity. By having I.T. ISIN Solutions manage your IT support and network requirements, you can focus on your business while we focus on your technology.

With worry-free Managed IT Services from I.T. ISIN Solutions, problems within your IT environment are proactively handled. In many cases, the necessary action is taken before you are even aware there was a problem. Now that’s service! Eliminate downtime and costly repairs by having us on your team 24/7.

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